Saturday, December 4, 2010

Click "Like" and Mush Homemade Baby Food will donate $1 for Toys for Tots

It's hard not to get caught up in the hustle bustle of the holidays, but it is important to remember that the holidays are just as much about giving, as they are receiving.  So in the spirit of giving, from now until December 23rd, Mush Homemade Baby Food will donate $1 to Toys for Tots for each new "Like" we receive on our Facebook Business Page. Simply click the link below and then click "like."Feel free to share this link with your family and friends!

Mush Homemade Baby Food Facebook Business Page

Here are some other holiday donation ideasThey are all quick, easy, and don't have to cost you a fortune...and the best part is that it will make you feel really good!

Donate canned goods or dry to a local food pantry or shelter. For less than $5, you could provide several meals worth of canned vegetables or fruits to a needy family. Even something as simple as a box of macaroni could provide a family with a meal this holiday season.  Women's shelters are always looking for unexpired formula for babies, so all you breastfeeding mommies who received those free Similac and Infamil canisters in the mail, dig them out and donate them before they expire!

Donate used clothes, coats, and hats to local shelters. Clean out your closets and gather all the used clothes, coats, and hats you have not worn in ages.  Baby clothes are also in high demand at local women's shelters, so open up all of those Rubbermaid bins in your garage and donate some of those outfits your first or second baby never wore. 

Donate your spare or lose change. Take what change is left over from your latest purchases and set it aside each day. By the end of the month, you will be surprised at how much money you have accumulated. Donate the spare change to a local charity or to the Salvation Army.

Donate a toy.  Make room for all those new toys your little one will receive this year by donating some of the old ones to a child that is not as fortunate.  It will set a great example for your little one and it will free up some space in the garage.

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