Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Check Out the Do's and Don't of Post Partum described by Mama Vee

A friend recently sent me the link to this blog post because we are both expecting.  In this post Mama Vee, a Vancouver, BC mother, outlines the do's and don't of visiting families with newborns.   Her blog is called "There Are No Ordinary Moments" While reading this post, I remembered back to all the times I had visited families with new babies and when we had visitors when Dylan was born. 

I think she gives a lot of great tips, ones that I will be sure to follow in the future, but I don't think that I would feel comfortable either cleaning up someone else's kitchen/bathroom, or having someone in my kitchen/bathrooms wiping down the counters, or taking out my garbage.  I could see how this would be a really nice gesture, but personally, I would probably feel a bit insulted if someone did this.  Although setting a time limit is probably a good idea, I remember wanting visitors and was happy to see a familiar face after feeling a bit isolated with a newborn.

I LOVE the part about visitors washing their hands before holding the baby.  You would think that people would just automatically do this, but they don't.  I just kept hand sanitizer out in the open and "subtly" suggested to visitors that it was there.  

Check out her post at the link below, it's definitely worth reading!
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