Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pull Up a Seat

My husband and I decided to grab dinner out the other night.  We took our Dylan with us.  There was this restaurant nearby that we had been meaning to try for a few weeks.  We parked the car and carried Dylan in with us into the restaurant.  We told the woman at the front that we needed a table for two with a high chair.  She said, "Oh we don't have high chairs."  Really???  I mean this wasn't a fancy place, pretty casual American fare.  I guess it never even crossed my mind that a restaurant wouldn't have at least one high chair.  I guess we could have gotten the stroller out of the car and fed the baby in the stroller, but after she said they didn't provide high chairs, we didn't even want to eat there anymore.  So when I got home, I thought that I would do a little research to see if restaurants are required to supply high chairs for their customers.  Surprisingly there is not much on the internet in regards to what is the actual responsibility of the establishment.  

There IS however TONS of information on the cleanliness of restaurant high chairs.  In fact some articles reported that the amount of bacteria found on high chairs was significantly greater than the amounts found on public toilets!  Ahhh!  So maybe we should be happy that the restaurant didn't have a highchair for us!  See full story below:


I know that they make high chair covers that you can just throw into the washer.  I just use a few baby wipes to wipe down the restaurant high chair before we plop Dylan down into the seat.  It takes a couple of extra seconds, but I make sure to wipe the strap and the table down too. 

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