Friday, July 16, 2010


When I started adding solid foods into Dylan's diet at 5 1/2 months, he started experiencing a lot of constipation.  From what I have read, this is not uncommon.  If you notice this change in your baby you may want to avoid or decrease the amount of rice cereal, applesauce and mashed bananas.  Try adding in food high in fiber such as pureed prunes, apricots, or pears.  Call your doctor immediately if constipation is prolonged or you notice blood in your baby’s stool.   

Dylan's constipation was usually accompanied by gas and bloating.  I know that they sell over the counter treatments for infant constipation, but I have tried a few natural remedies with some success.  

1.) Make sure your baby is drinking plenty of water, especially if you notice a decrease in urination. 

2.) A warm compress on the tummy may serve as a relief and comfort to gassy or constipated babies. 

3.) A warm bath mixed with baking soda. Allow the infants bottom to soak in it for ten minutes. It will help relax the muscles and ease elimination.

4.) Place baby on his/her back and lightly hold her legs in a half-bent position.  Gently begin to move baby's legs as if she is riding a bicycle.  This may also help relieve gas.

5.) Belly message will also help to get things moving.  To massage your baby’s tummy, place warmed hands on baby's tummy at or below the belly button. You really want to target the bowels. Using flat palms gently stroke downward, using hand over hand, in a paddling type motion. Next moving hands in a clockwise motion, (very important to move clockwise – if you go the wrong way, you’ll create more issues), stroke baby’s tummy in a circle (source:  Another stroke to help improve motility is the "I Love U" stroke.  See instructions below:

6.) A home remedy recommended by my mother-in-law that has worked for Dylan is a paste made out of asafoetida power (a.k.a Hing-used in Indian cooking to aide in digestion) and water and rubbing in a circular motion around the belly button.  I don't know whether it is the belly rubbing or the hing...but it produces results!

7.) For babies older then 6 months, try supplementing diet with high fiber foods like pureed prunes, apricots, peaches, plums, or pears.  When pureeing dried prunes, reconstitute them by mixing 4-5 in a bowl with boiling water.  Let sit for 7-10 minutes.  Make sure you are using pitted prunes and then puree in the food processor until smooth.

Good luck and remember...when in doubt, consult your pediatrician!

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