Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Etiquette 101...This has nothing to do with baby food!

Again I pose the question, "Why do strangers think that it is okay to touch our children when we are out in the community?"  My husband says it is because I have a great, big FRIENDLY sign on my forehead.  And it probably doesn't help that my son has recently started waving at everyone he sees.  But regardless, that does not make it okay to go up to a complete stranger's infant, toddler, teenager...and touch them.  Case in point, I was grocery shopping last week at a store that I go to every week.  The cashiers and staff are always very friendly, but they are so touchy feeling when I bring Dylan.  This always makes me feel uncomfortable.  I am a bit of a germaphobe, and it seems like the minute they see him, they drop the raw chicken they are unpacking to come over and touch his hands and face!  I usually just try to keep moving along to avoid prolonged touching, but I am considering going to a different location.  So anyway, this week as I approached the self check out the cashier attempted to pick Dylan up out of the cart!  This is not okay!

So in the parking lot of this grocery store (on the same day) I was taking Dylan out of the car seat and a guy zips around the corner and tries to squeeze his car between me and the car in the next space over.  So I turn towards him and give him the "what the... look" and his car screeches to a halt.  I finish pulling Dylan out of the seat and the guy gives me the wave like "hurry up."  BTW at this point there are only three cars in the parking lot and a hundred empty spaces.  So anyway I see this guy in the store later and he says to me "You know, I was going to wait for you." And I was like, "Geeze thanks."  What I wanted to say was, "Thanks for not running over me and my baby, especially when you could have easily parked in any other spot in the lot!"

Okay last rant...a few months ago were at a friend's house with some friends and acquaintances.  A couple of people had asked me if it was okay to hold the baby.  So that is fine.  I started talking to a friend, and look up and someone I have never met is feeding my baby crackers and spinach artichoke dip.  Who does that?  I mean, luckily Dylan doesn't have any food allergies, but what if he did?  The best part is that someone later asked me if they could give Dylan some fruit....from their alcoholic drink!!!  These people obviously did not have kids, but come on use some common sense! 

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Chelle said...

I really enjoyed your post and can completly relate! With my first child I had the same issue to decrease the personal space invasions I would wear him when we were in a store - thank goodness for my baby carrier invading my personal space seems less a exceptable to most people then my baby in a cart! When I had my second it started all over again so I would wear her too! Now with 3 kids 4yrs, 2yrs and 4mths people usually avoid being in the same isle as us... only when the older 2 are left at home with Dad do the personal space invaders come and grop my child!