Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Relief

My sweet little boy who would flash his gummy smile at anyone, has suddenly turned into a cranky, teething monster! It started about two weeks ago with the whining, drooling, and runny nose...not to mention the hands in the mouth constantly. It seems like he loves to "chew" on anything hard that he can scrape his teeth on. In a desperate attempt to help soothe his sore gums I have tried cold washcloths and cold teethers...they are only effective until his throws them from the highchair. I have also tried letting him gnaw on frozen bagels and popsicles. If using frozen bagels, make sure you use the large whole wheat bagels because the mini bagels break apart pretty easily and can become a choking hazard. If trying popsicles use the 100% fruit juice ones with no sugar added. Also be careful not to give the citrus flavors, because the acid is tough on baby's tummy.  You can make your own popsicles by mixing fruit juice and water and pouring the mixture into ice cube trays.  Dylan loves when I put his Danonino Yogurt in  the freezer and then spoon feed him the icy yogurt.

In my quest to ease Dylan's teething pain...I came across the suggestion to put frozen fruit or ice cubes in a mesh feeder. I love, love, love mesh feeders. Especially now that Dylan is venturing into the world of finger foods. You can put virtually anything in it, and your little one can just suck the food through the really limits the risk of choking. I have used it with frozen bananas, melons, grapes, and berries, and it really seems to help. Today Dylan enjoyed chewing on a cold corn was easy for him to hold and he liked the way it felt on his emerging teeth. I suggest removing the corn prior to giving the cob, just so they don't choke on anything they can bite off with those new pearly whites!

I have also been using Hyland's Teething pediatrician recommended them and they really help. They are all natural and no chemicals like with the Baby Orajel or Ambesol.

If your baby is an early teether and is not yet eating solid foods, you can freeze breast milk or formula in ice cube trays and put the cubes in the mesh feeder. You can also dip a pacifier in water and fill the nipple. Place in the freezer until the water in the nipple freezes. When your baby sucks on the pacifier, she will sooth her gums at the same time.

Check out the link below for an inventive solution for your teething baby...teething jewelry for mom.  Cool!

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