Friday, August 20, 2010

"More Pleeeze"

Last night I attended a mom's group and the topic was Signing with Your Hearing Baby.  It was AMAZING!  The instructor was Crystal Ashworth, and she is the owner of My Smart Hands With Crystal.  She showed us the video below of Laura Berg from Canada signing with her one year old daughter.  Crystal is a certified sign language instructor and has used sign with her own children.  She explained that the main benefits of signing with your baby include decreasing frustration, accelerating verbal speech development, improving cognitive skills, and facilitating parent-child bonding.  I have used basic signs for years with my pediatric clients and have started signing with my son.  He signs "more" and "milk" pretty consistently, but after attending this meeting and watching this video, I realized that I should be signing with him a lot more!  Crystal explained to the group some of the research that supports early signing with your hearing baby and it is really interesting!  And I know first hand that signing is beneficial for hearing babies with a variety of cognitive disabilities.
If you are in the Phoenix Area you should really check out her classes.

For more information visit her website at or email her at

If you are interested in finding out about classes in your area check out the main website at and search for a class in your area!

You have to watch this video! 

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Shauna said...

Hi I have been teaching my 2 1/2 yr old daughter sign language for 8 months ! She knows 12 signs now ,...
"Eat,Drink, All Done, Help, Play,More,Please,Milk,Juice,Mommy,,,,Daddy, AND Potty"!!! She had a speech delay but seems to be catching up and has a larger vocabulary thanks to "Baby Signing Time" DVDs VOL. 1 and 2 !!!